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About Us


We experienced businesses unsuccesfuly struggling to juggle all their service providers to integrate in a manageable fashion. It becomes increasingly frustrating when the services conflict with each other adding extra headache, unnecesary equipment, and cost, that could be prevented by having one service provider attending to all aspects of your home or business technology. This is how Jointtechs was born.



We partnered up and gathered with a team of professionals specializing in most aspects of todays growing technology needs in order to provide our clients with the services they need with seemless integration. Our goal is to manage all your technical needs from A-Z.


Our team is dedicated to serve you with all your technical needs, freeing up your time to care of the more important things in your life and business. We offer remote and on-site support. Emergency and after hours services.


Our list of services is continuously increasing.  If your service is technology related we can probably help you, just give us a call, send us an email or even send us a text, and one of our professional team will address your inquiry in a timely manner.


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