Mishloach Manos Site

We are excited to provide you with an easy way to take care of showing your hakaras hatov to your sons teachers.

Simply follow the instructions  below.

1. Type in the grade, class, or name of teacher you want to contribute to, in the search box located on the upper left side.

2. Once you have found the Grade click onto the gift box to open up the info.

3. Click "add to shopping bag".

4. If you are done click "go to checkout" where you will be directed to your shopping bag.

(If you are not done click on "continue shopping" and follow the above procedure 1-5 to add another class).

5. On the shopping bag page you will have the chance to review your selection make sure everything is correct.
if it is correct click on "checkout" which will redirect you to the payment page.

(If you see a wrong selection you can click "clear bag" on the bottom left and "continue shopping" to start over).

6. On the Payment Page we have made Credit cards Payments available. Select the "Credit card" option and continue to fill out all the fields on the page and click "Continue".

7. A page requesting your CC information will popup, enter your information and click "pay".

8. A message "your order has been placed" should now appear, and you should get a confirmation e-mail to the email address you provided on the payment page.

Thank you and have a freilechen Chanukah!

If you have any questions, please email womansleague@darchei.org

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