At Jointtechs, we work very hard to put a smile on your face and more money in your pocket. 


Here, you won't be guessing how much you can save. Because we spent a lot of time comparing our prices and working out how to offer you really low prices.


And that everyday low price will be displayed on most of our services, every day of the up and down price games here. Just click on the PDF Below to Download our current Pricesheet.


We went even further to provide cheaper prices to our loyal  12 Month Contract Members.





Members enter a 12 month Contract. There are two types of memberships.

One; where you pre purchase a certain amount of hours at a discounted price of $5 off per hour.

There are a few levels in this category

  • Member Five, where you prepurchase five hours a Month.

  • Member Ten, where you purchase ten hours a Month.

  • Member Twenty where you purchase twenty hours a Month.

We also offer an economy membership where you do not purchase any hours, you do get certain priveleges.


The features offered to our Members are;

  • Special Discounted Pricing - The prepurchased hours are $5.00 off the regular price. The additional hours, for Member five is the Regular price. Member Ten get $5 off all additional hours billed as well. and Member Twenty get $10 off all additional hours. These prices are also viewable in our price sheet which you can download from our Pricing page.

  • VIP Service - In all servicing aspects, including shorter waiting time.

  • Eligible for Fees Waived - Credit card fees, and other fees may be waived at our discretion.

  • Access to our Knowledgebase - Where we post self help articles for known issues. We keep on adding articles as issues arise.

  • Online Customer Portal  - A Portal where you can sign in, to create your own support Tickets, and view the status and history of your Support Tickets.

  • Email and Text Support- Billed per minute. $1.17 / M. Less than five minutes is free.

  • Locked In Price - While you are in contract our price raises will not effect you.


You can sign up online below or give us a call.